Roswell’s R1 550.2 is the ideal amp to run your R1 Tower Speaker setup. It’s a 2-channel Class-D design that puts out 100 watts RMS per channel at 4Ω. Featuring calibrated crossover controls, differential RCA inputs for maximum noise rejection, fully conformal-coated PCB’s, and nickel-plated marine-grade wire terminals.


Ch 1-2 calibrated crossover (FULL/HPF/LPF)
Space-saving Stackable Design
Bridgeable 2-channel design
Marine-grade durability
2 Ohm Stable at 165 watts per channel
Bluetooth USB port
Switchable Differential RCA inputs minimize interference and induced noise
High-Efficiency Class-D Topology
lit logo power indicator lets you know your amp is receiving power
Conformal-coated PCBs
Nickel-plated wire terminals


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